Viewmake App is much more than an app. It is a real editor with which to edit and publish panoramic photos, it is a powerful work tool that you can exploit to have great results in your work. Thanks to some exclusive features the Viewmake App enables you to publish 360 photos on Google Street View.
Nadir patching
Automatic function to mask the tripod or anything you want to remove from the bottom of panoramas.
The filter needed to obscure faces and images.
Turbo function
By activating this mode you fully exploit the potential of your phone by dedicating more resources to the app, to allow you to finish your work faster.
New way to build projects
An advanced display mode enables everyone to preview the 360 photos uploaded and use the arrows to connect and orient them in a more precise and faster way.
Watch the two mini videos, which explain how to create your virtual tour in a few simple steps using the Viewmake app, following two alternative but equally effective methods.